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Emele Ugavule

Emele is a Tokelauan (Te Kaiga o Fagatiale, Nukunonu, Te Kaiga o Koloi, Uea) Fijian (Kaideuba) multi-disciplinary storyteller working across live performance & film as a performer, writer, director, & creative producer. She is the Creative Director of Talanoa. Her work is intercultural centring the development of ethical trans-indigenous collaborative creative processes & outcomes informed by Indigenous epistemologies, ontologies & cosmologies.
Emele has produced content for Sydney Opera House, Audrey Journal, Talanoa & Black Birds, directed work for Casula Powerhouse, Festival Fatale & Wantok and performance coached for Warner Music.

She has been featured on ABC Arts & Huffington Post, invited to speak at AI For Good (United Nations Summit on Artificial Intelligence), Accent on Women, Don’t @ Me, Writing NSW and written for SBS Life & The Quo.
Emele has facilitated intercultural theatre-making workshops for Arts Centre Melbourne & the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA).

She has worked with musicians such as Solange Knowles, Ngaiire, Thelma Plum, Wallace & Ric Rufio