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Jawad Yaqoubi

Jawad Yaqoubi grew up in a Hazara family living in Mashad, Iran. Since his early teenage years, Jawad has worked on building sites as a labourer or plasterer to support not only himself but also his mother and siblings. Despite limited formal educational opportunities, he is well versed in the poetic traditions of Dari and Farsi. He taught himself English while living in a shared room in a boarding house on the outskirts of Bogor, Indonesia, before coming to Australia under the UNHCR refugee resettlement program. While in Indonesia he also did some work as a male model for local
fashion magazines and he met Mahdi for the first time. Within only a few months of arriving in Australia, he appeared on stage at the Griffin Theatre as one of the devisor-performers of PYT’s Tribunal. He has continued to develop his skills as a theatre-maker by participating in workshops with the PYT Ensemble. He still works on building sites, these days mostly as a bricklayer.