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Kirsten Wolf

I’m a 78’er, raised by amazons, brought up on a steady diet of marches, union picket lines and police harassment. I grew up feminist in the queer community of Sydney and Canberra. I’ve struggled through my career to find my “authentic voice” having a somewhat love-hate relationship with “fine art”.

In 2014 I took a leap to try and integrate my performance practice with my art practice with my lifelong geekiness. I’ve been an artist, a graphic designer, a dancer and circus freak for many years keeping these practices compartmentalised as a survival tactic. It was time to find a creative way to combine my skill set.

My first attempt to do this was a project called  the electric naga, a character-driven, kinetic, self-illuminated wearable sculpture & object manipulation performance that explores the monstrous feminine & the other while talking about human damage to our environment.

As a coder and educator, I’m interested in steAm -putting the arts back into stem, to encourage women to code and use computers in creative ways. We have a rich history of women involved in computing yet somehow those stories never get told. I code my own wearable art costumes creating fantastic monsters invoked through performance.

My most recent project #Bug is a tribute to Grace Hopper (an early computer scientist) – she’s a giant moth-like creature that both terrifies and enthrals in day-glow & rainbow splendour.