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Paul Dwyer is a Senior Lecturer in Theatre and Performance Studies at Sydney University and was another member of the team that created Tribunal under the leadership of Karen Therese, the Artistic Director of PYT Fairfield (in passing, it is worth noting that the seeds for Tribunal were sown during Karen’s residency, Love and Boats, as part of Adhocracy 2013). Between 2004 and 2013, Paul was a dramaturg, writer and occasional performer in a number of landmark documentary theatre productions with Version 1.0, including The Bougainville Photoplay Project (which had seasons at the inaugural Liveworks Festival and Belvoir, as well as a 2010 national tour under the “Mobile States” program). Most recently, Paul was co-author (with David Williams) of Grace Under Pressure (Seymour Centre and The Big Anxiety Festival, 2017).