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Sean Bacon is a Sydney-based video designer whose work over the last two decades has featured in performances at the Venice Biennale, The Young Vic (London), Carriageworks, Arts House, Belvoir, Sydney Opera House and many other leading national and international venues, in collaborations with artists such as Benedict Andrews, Rachel Maza, Richard Tognetti, Karen Therese, Kym Vercoe and the members of Version 1.0 (including Paul Dwyer with whom Sean co-created The Bougainville Photoplay Project and several other productions). Sean is Australia’s leading practitioner working with live capture and live mixing of the visual elements in performance, creating a unique and dynamic theatrical environment. His designs have received numerous honours, including three Helpmanns, two Sydney Theatre Awards and a Green Room Award. He holds a Masters of Fine Arts from COFA (UNSW School of Art and Design) where he is currently a guest lecturer.