Continued Process, Altered Location

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Saturday 29 September , 1:00 pm – 5.00pm

Newcastle Civic Park Newcastle City Hall, King St, Newcastle NSW, Australia
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Welcome to our project ‘Continued Process, Altered Location’. We are heavily inspired by Yvonne Rainer and Robert Morris’, 1969 -1970 Project ‘Continuous Project, Altered Daily’. Their work sought to break-down the barriers between everyday living and artistic creation. It treated art not as a product, but as a way of existing in the world.

In CPAL, we occupy a space and invite visitors in as co-creators, we invite them to share our working space, join us in practise based developments, share meals, conversations as well as witness short-structured ‘showings’.

Within the realm of live dance theatre research our project seeks to deconstruct art as product to greater reveal the creative process. Our work engages with the authorship of audience/participants, performers and site. What was done before informs the next moment and in each new site we aim to respond to each new situation and social encounter.

Those attending This is Not Art will become ‘Material’ in our work and by practicing this scenario we are putting emphasis on the political culture of art making to be one of shared responsibility and agency. As summed up nicely in Rainer’s words: “No to spectacle,” “No to seduction of the audience by the wiles of the performer”.

At it’s heart CPAL is about people coming together and blurs the lines between how we live, create and share. By putting emphasis on the social CPAL demystify art and collapses the hierarchies that privilege art objects above audience.

For many this is going to be a new experience and for others who are familiar with the realms of working in relational, participatory and/or social art contexts may feel a sense of connection to the wider tribe. With this being said the work will always present itself to be unique and audience will notice progression, distortion and change all in conversation with the current demands of the site and the people who pass through it.

It is within CPAL where we will establish a unique ephemeral experience that exists only in the space and time of Crack X Festival 2018.

Where to From Here

1-2PM: Performance
2-2:45pm: Breathing, Sensing
3-4pm: Stimulating
4 – 4:30pm: Jam! (bring instruments)
4:30-5pm: Picnic (bring something to share)


Photo credit: CPAL Bega dancer Claire Leske, Bournda National Park, 2016.

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Newcastle Civic Park
Newcastle City Hall, King St, Newcastle NSW, Australia

Newcastle Civic Park

Newcastle City Hall, King St, Newcastle NSW, Australia

Newcastle Civic Park is accessible with level entrance via King and Auckland Streets. Reserved parking available on Auckland St. No accessible toilets available.