What exactly is This Is Not Art?

This is Not Art (TiNA) is one of Australia’s leading emerging arts festivals, celebrating its 21st anniversary over the long weekend, September 27-30.

Set in the inner city of Newcastle, the festival attracts a mix of rising performers, musicians, writers and thinkers from around the country.

This is Not Art comprises three co-presenters: National Young Writers Festival, Crack X, Critical Animals plus special guests WE DONT DANCE. 

We are committed to delivering an arts program that’s fresh and at the forefront of the emerging arts scene. And we love the unexpected and inspired moments audiences find themselves in when attending the festival.

Who is TiNA for?

If you like the arts, Newcastle, youth culture or are open to the unexpected, This is Not Art is for you. Whatever your specific arts interest, we are certain you can find an event for you.

TiNA is also a place for emerging artists to connect, present their new ideas and works to audiences, discover themselves and enhance their creative practice. 

How much does it cost?

This is Not Art is a free festival. We want to make the arts scene an accessible and welcoming environment for everyone.

However, some events require registration due to increased demand. This will be mentioned when clicking on the event, with info on how to register.

How do I find events I am interested in?

We’ve created a filter on the events page to help with this. Head to https://thisisnotart.org/ events/ and click on Show Filters.

You can then filter events by DATE / PRESENTER / TYPE / ACCESS and ENTRY requirements.


How do I create my personalised My Festival schedule?

You will need to create a free account. By creating an account, the events you select are conveniently saved for you to come back to. This is your best option for making your TiNA weekend as organised and hassle free as possible.

Create a free account via the Events page or the account link in the top menu (bottom menu on mobile)

Log in to your new account and save your favourite event to create your own festival schedule


Is there a print program this year?

A3 Schedulers will be available at venues. They will have basic event info only. Complete event descriptions can be found only on the website.

Are TiNA venues accessible?

Check the Access page of this website for information regarding wheelchair accessibility, parking and venue information. This year 9 out of 12 venues are wheelchair accessible.

How do I get around the festival?

Check the Visit page of this website for a guide to getting around town during TiNA. Most of our venues this year are within walking distance of Civic Park. It’s about a 20 minute walk from The Lock Up to Civic Park.