Fiona Lee

Fiona Lee ‘Zero’ 2021 (installation documentation still, detail)

This work was released on Newcastle Art Gallery’s Instagram page at 7pm, 29 October 2021 as part of an online TiNA Takeover of the Gallery’s platform. It included a live stream recording and a Q&A session via Stories.

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A bloody lawn mower hums in the distance again and the friarbirds continue to shout at each other. I wait in this landscape of slashed weeds and burnt trees to set up my strange installation.

Back in Newcastle I filmed the relentless shuffle of coal trains. I project them across flashing lights on the bare slab where my house used to be.

I feel disorientated, censored and angry.

My head is spinning with the knowledge that burning coal fuels climate change which exacerbated the bushfires that took my house.

I’m censored because climate change is highly politicised and we must please the funders, build the movement and convince the fence sitters.

I’m angry because I watch the government in their theatre of net zero discussions push technology spin in the lead up to the COP26 climate summit.

My house and heart are on fire but #climatechangeissohotrightnow


Fiona is a political artist and climate justice activist working across non-violent direct action, installation, photography and video. Fiona’s work is an act of resistance; she often incorporates her home’s scorched remnants to unapologetically draw attention to the personal loss of her home in the 2019/20 bushfires and the impact of climate change on us all.

Form doesn’t dominate in Fiona’s work, materials and content speak simultaneously about their origin and the direction our world is heading. Appropriated images and laconic phrases of conservative politicians are emblazoned on Fiona’s work. She, like many others, is tired of broken political promises of climate action and wants to hold governments and companies to account. Fiona will have had two solo shows in 2021 – Carbon Tax at The Creator Incubator (where she also recently completed a 12 month residency) and Unpreparable at Maitland Regional Art Gallery. Fiona also has work in The Art of Protest at Newcastle Art Gallery.

Fiona lives and works on unceded Awabakal land in Muloobinba/Newcastle with her family.

Funding Partners

This project is supported by the City of Newcastle through the Council Support for the Arts and Cultural Organisations in Newcastle Program.


This project is supported by Create NSW.