October 3, 2019

Four events to be Auslan interpreted at #tina2019

Four events to be Auslan interpreted at #tina2019

We are so excited that the following FOUR events will be Auslan interpreted at #tina2019:

TiNA Festival Launch, Thursday 5-6pm at Watt Space Gallery

Late Night Readings Thursday 9.30-10.30pm at Newcastle Library

Art as Catharsis at The Lock-Up, Friday 3-4pm

The Experts, Friday 7-8pm at Watt Space Gallery.

For more information about each of these events, use the auslan symbol as a filter on the TiNA events program to search for these Auslan interpreted events. https://thisisnotart.org/events/

This is possible thanks to the City of Newcastle Count Us In Newcastle initiative.

Image Description: Crowd at Last Fridays
Image Credit: One Stop Productions