Mikayla Nangle

Mikayla Nangle ‘In the absence, a choice’ (performance documentation still) 2021

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'In the absence, a choice'


What happens to performative movement when the audience cannot attend the theatre? By embracing permanence and leaving behind temporal realities, this work reimagines the concept of ‘choose-your-own-adventure’. The audience experiences a performance of their own design within their personal environments. Nothing here is shared. The mover exists as an oscillating loop bound forever to a technological realm, endlessly manipulated by others’ desires. Notions of overwhelming freedom woven amongst relentless limitations. The mover explores each frame anew. The viewers have become the directors. The mover’s control is seemingly surrendered.

About Mikayla Nangle


Mikayla Nangle is a freelance dancer increasingly venturing into self-choreographed works and experimenting with styles and forms of movement in immersive spaces. Mikayla is based in Newcastle primarily working with Catapult Dance under the directorship of Cadi McCarthy. During her time at Catapult, Mikayla has engaged with international choreographers such as Rachael Erdos in The Loneliness Project and Israel Aloni in In Your Face performed at The Lock-up Cultural Centre. Mikayla is a member of the Catapult Company which performed Awkward in Newcastle’s City Hall and later as it toured throughout regional New South Wales. Mikayla was also involved in Catapult’s exhibition of Acquist, a site specific work in the Margel Hinder fountain commissioned by the New Annual festival through the City of Newcastle. In 2020, Mikayla featured in Catapult Company’s Mixed Bill which commissioned choreographers Adam Blanch, Kristina Chan, Omer Bachley-Astrachan and Craig Bary to create new works that exhibited in Newcastle and Sydney.

Mikayla has performed in site specific works as well as multidisciplinary collaborations with musicians and visual artists throughout her freelance career. In 2018 Mikayla performed in That Place In Between, choreographed by Cadi McCarthy in partnership with The Civic Theatre and The Arts House Wyong. Mikayla has participated in a range of choreographic labs through Dirty Feet and was involved in Emma Harrison’s Out of the Studio piece Madonna. She worked with Lisa McDonnell in Chamber Dances and prior to this she was a company dancer with Austinmer Dance Theatre. Mikayla trained with Sydney Dance Company through their Pre-Professional year program in 2016 and received a full scholarship, which enabled her to learn and create work with renowned choreographers such as Lloyd Newson, Antony Hamilton, Sue Healey and Thomas Bradley.

In 2021, Mikayla has been in development to create Re/Collect, a collaboration with Alexandra Ford and composer Julian Boggs to be performed as part of a Catapult and Critical Path choreographic exchange. Mikayla explores philosophical and sociological notions and commentaries through her emergent pieces. She enjoys collaborative works with various artistic practitioners and tends to work with abstract movement. This is experimented in either site specific spaces or with a set design that transforms the working environment and transports the audience to other realms.

Funding Partners

This project is supported by the City of Newcastle through the Council Support for the Arts and Cultural Organisations in Newcastle Program.


This project is supported by Create NSW.