September 7, 2018

Festival guide: #TopFivePicks for the adventurous arts explorer

Festival guide: #TopFivePicks for the adventurous arts explorer

If you’re feeling adventurous and ready to dive deep inside the program this year— we’ve got you covered. The 2018 festival will target your mind, uplift your spirit and re-direct you when you’re feeling creatively bummed out. Watch a queer culture cinema garage rock concert, take part in musical improvisation where the audience makes the rules or see a Chinese Spy Comedy play out live on stage. Discover extraordinary and unimaginable emerging arts with these five festival selections.

The Violent Years (1956) at ART HOUSE —Presented by Crack X

Using an Ed Wood-penned exploitation classic and mashing it up with 2018 sensibilities, The Violent Years (1956) is a queer cult cinema garage rock concert you won’t soon forget.

With song and dance numbers blending 1950s rockabilly with 2018 indie art rock, The Violent Years (1956) is an artistic inheritor to camp pieces Reefer Madness the Musical and Psycho Beach Party. It’s also a smorgasbord of exploitation film plot tropes. Directed by Rachel Kerry and designed by Brianna Russell, The Violent Years (1956) uses dark comedy, camp, and rockabilly music to explore gender panic, self-destruction, and the hunger for anarchy.

Fri 28 September, 7.40-8.25pm & Sat 29, 7.30-8.15 @Softys

Queer Lady Magician! at ART HOUSEPresented by Crack X

Creatrix Tiara, Queer Lady Magician, puts a queer feminist spin on classic stage magic. From Menstrual Cups & Balls to queered-up playing cards and even more surprises along the way. Come along for ride and discover an underground arts haven at Softy’s in Islington.

These events are part of ART HOUSE — an evening of intimate and spectacular performance set in Softy’s a home turned maker space in Islington. Food and drinks will be available throughout by donation. Your ticket guarantees you entry to the whole two-and-a-half-hour ART HOUSE program, and we strongly encourage you to come for the duration and experience the journey from the first work to the finale.

Fri 28 September 8.55-9.40 & Sat 29 7.30-8.15 @Softys

Digital Monkeys—Presented by Critical Animals

If you’ve ever questioned just how much the audience can affect a band’s performance, this is the event for you. In Digital Monkeys, the premise is simple: the audience determines the rules restricting how the performers can improvise and play their musical instruments. Each individual can only remove a rule, add a rule, or change a rule. But this performance is not just fun and games. Through first hand experience, the audience will leave empowered with a new understanding that rules in society are flexible and ever-changing, we just have to work together to make that change.

Fri 28 September 1.00-1.50pm @The Lock-Up 

Spyduck: A Chinese Spy Comedy—Presented by Crack X

Imagine James Bond meetsTop Gun with a J-Pop backing track in this comedic theatre performance. It’s 1993 and China has just launched Operation Skyduck. Leading the mission are Agent Yan and Agent Chang. Their objective: to acquire the world’s most advanced flight simulation software. After launching an audacious hack into ‘the Matrix’ of the Royal Australian Air Force, they find themselves trapped by a hotshot agent from the NSA. His plan? To destroy China’s military ambitions once and for all through ‘Inception’. Quirky and irreverent, Skyduck: A Chinese Spy Comedy is a bilingual solo parody of East meets West through the lens of 90’s post-Cold War nostalgia.

Thurs 27 September 7.15-8pm & Fri 28 September 10-10.45pm @Watt Space Gallery

Fucked Up — Presented by NYWF (National Young Writers Festival)

We’ve all been there. And after those moments of failure, where can we as artists move to, creatively? This panel discussion will explore the answer. So you spilt Pepsi on your final draft, you totally bombed that job interview, you accidentally spent your last five dollars on a novelty mug; sometimes, you just fail. So how do you turn a train wreck into a train of thought?

Thursday 27 September, 7:30pm – 9pm @Newcastle City Library

For out of town visitors who have never been to TiNA before– we’re sure you’ll feel right at home in our arts and cultural capital. In fact, we’ve created an Insider’s guide to Newcastle to help you out.

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Image: Tiara Creatix. Photo: Alexis D. Lea