Wanjun Carpenter

‘The Empty Room’ (mixed media stills) 2021.

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'The Empty Room'


Oscillating between anxiety, melancholia and ataraxy, this work is a navigation of internal and external milieu of the last eighteen months of the Covid-19 pandemic. Playing with notions of scale, speed and duration, the unknown subject is caught flitting between stagnancy and motion. The stillness of a vacant room is juxtaposed with turbulent yet somehow tranquil oceanscapes, where the subject is surrounded by nought but waves. As the world outside the vacant room passes by in fits and bursts, then drones, the subject is recurrently asocial, isolated, and at the mercy of an anonymised external environment. This solace is volatile; at once it is soothing, unnerving, tiresome and ruminative. Nonetheless, there is beauty and hope here, in the vacant room, in the lapping waves, in the sun streaking through clouds.

About Wanjun Carpenter


Wanjun Carpenter is a mixed media artist and musician from Newcastle, NSW. Working across various creative fields and contexts, his artistic practice is centres around the exploration of his own indigenous identity and the construction, misrepresentations, questions and tensions inherent in that identity.

Funding Partners

This project is supported by the City of Newcastle through the Council Support for the Arts and Cultural Organisations in Newcastle Program.


This project is supported by Create NSW.