We laid the slightly rickety foundations for the arts and creative ventures to follow during a period when running things on a few bucks and a good attitude was enough to get things done.

We have had a great run, but like many not-for-profit organisations there is unfortunately a finish line in sight. It's been a rough couple of years for TiNA and we just haven’t managed to secure reliable funding or attract the next generation of TiNA alumni to keep pushing forward.

So, with our AGM coming up in May and despite the gallant efforts of our current board to keep going, we are planning on wrapping up operations. We would love to think there is an eccentric, arts loving benefactor out there that will swoop in and save the day (BTW if that’s you, get in touch ASAP) but it seems unlikely. It disappointing but we are confident we are leaving Newcastle in much better cultural shape than when we started in the late ‘90s.

What happens now?

Our AGM is on Monday 20 May, so if you are keen to rally the troops it’s time to make your move.

To help make sure we haven’t missed anything before we make the final call, we have put together a very short survey where you can share your thoughts and your TiNA memories – fill in the survey before Sunday 12 May at 11.59pm.

TiNA 25

We have enough money in the kitty to put together a 25 years of TiNA event/exhibition/something. The details are still emerging, when we have figured out what that looks like we would love you to share your stories/photos/videos/whatever you have – get the ball rolling by filling in the survey.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

All members are advised that an Annual General Meeting of the members of Octapod Association, trading as TiNA, will take place as follows:

  • Time 7.30pm to 8pm
  • Date Monday 20 May
  • Place Microsoft Teams (link will be provided to attendees before the meeting)
  • RSVP By 10 May to [email protected]

Please advise in your email if you require interpreting services for the video meeting.

Please note that only members are invited to attend and vote at this AGM.

Board nominations

  1. Ensure your TiNA membership is current
  2. Request a nomination pack: email [email protected]
  3. Complete the short questionnaire and attach your resume and/or LinkedIn profile
  4. RSVP to attend the AGM

Nominations close MONDAY 13 May 2024.

Draft AGM agenda

Agenda item suggestions must be emailed to the Secretary at [email protected] by 10 May 2023.







Acknowledgement of Country, welcome, attendees and apologies:

1.1 Confirm the chair for the meeting

1.2 Attendees

1.3 Apologies

1.4 Quorum

3 minutes



Consideration and acceptance of previous year reports including:

  • Annual report
  • Audited financial report

10 minutes



The future of TiNA

30 minutes



Questions about how the corporation is managed

5 minutes



Appointment of an auditor for the next financial year and authorise the directors to set the fee

3 minutes

Pending item 3: Election of directors including appointment of office bearers

7 minutes

Pending item 3:Authorisation to directors to determine their remuneration

1 minute



Any other general business

5 minutes