TiNA is a not-for-profit organisation with 25 years under our belt supporting experimental and emerging artists to create and showcase their art.

We’ve been delivering the region’s only experimental art festival This is Not Art for 25 years.

We want to help emerging and experimental artists:

  • make disruptive art which resists categorisation and formal structures

  • get started and launch their career

  • make money from their arts

  • find spaces, platforms and opportunities to showcase their work

How do we know it’s what is needed? We know what we need to do after an extensive human-centred research project interviewing local artists breaking into the field or breaking the traditional rules of art.

We have prioritised the funding we need so it’s really easy to understand where your philanthropic gift would be allocated. Our goal is to get money into the pockets of artists and we aim for a 80/20 split - 80% of funds are used to support art, artists and arts workers, 20% of funds are used for operations.

Our case for support includes more information about what we do and the funding we need to do it, please take a moment to have a look at it and consider whether supporting TiNA aligns with the vision and values for your organisation.

If you have a formal program for determining charitable donations, please point us in that direction.

Our fundraising goal in 2023 is $20,000, check out our progress here https://thisisnotart.org/donate