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Saturday 15th October

Is This Now Art?


Sat 15th Oct 17:30 - 19:00

Clyde Street Studios

Venue with limited accessibility

Our contemporary art institutions inability to reflect the experimental art “zeitgeist” in Australia 25 years ago does not necessarily apply today. To the point that there are now stand-alone institutions and large events that only cater for what was once considered experimental and emerging.

Activity that was then hidden in bedrooms and garages is now at the forefront of much contemporary practice and practitioners that once used tech as the tool are now becoming the tool for the tech. NFT’s, prestigious Art awards won by AI and deep fakes are just the beginning of what comes next….or is that what is meant now by “This is Not Art”? Did we just miss the “This is Now Art” phase?

If you are confused as well, join this discussion so that we can try and figure out the status quo – collaboratively, and as humans without technology. Limited numbers, closed doors, no recordings, no streaming… Chatham House Rules.

This event is programmed by Kristefan Minski and Art Thinking

Venue: Clyde Street Studios

Supported by Create NSW.