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Thursday 13th October

Museum of Muses

Thu 13th Oct 18:00 - 19:00

Thu 13th Oct 20:30 - 21:30

The Playhouse

Accessible venue

Explore, liberate; celebrate life and body. You are invited to a divine realm of sculptures and silhouettes, of heightened humanity - breathing life and exuding eroticism. Move through exhibits that explore the sacred geometry of the human form, and submerge yourself into an immersive odyssey of worship - Muses and Mortals alike.

Producer Cleo Rapture says Museum of Muses is an immersive odyssey of worship – for Muses and Mortals alike.

“The show is a celebration of life through the awakening of a museum of artworks. As the Muses come to life, they bear their skin and their souls, and offer their love, connection and liberation to the Museum Guide and to the audience.”

“You can expect to see artists sharing their bodies at their highest and most sensual; featuring aerial extraordinaire Ali Pickup, drag artist and composer Cockington Black, and contemporary dancer Nicholas Kobayashi. These local talents are joined by iconic Sydney-based drag x burlesque performer and model Mama Medusa. Together, we have collaborated to create a theatrical experience that celebrates the glory and eroticism of our bodies.

“The original soundtrack, produced by Melbourne-based musician Adam Davidson, is a stunning fusion of hypnotising synth, thrilling drum-and-bass, and heavenly harps, to transport and immerse the audience into a sacred space beyond this plane.


  • Ali Pickup
  • Cleo Rapture
  • Cockington Black
  • Mama Medusa
  • Nick Kobayashi

Original score by Adam Davidson.

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Supported by Create NSW.

Ticket Prices:

  • Adult tickets $29
  • Concession and Civic Theatre subscriber tickets $25